Dog licence and guide dog training

The dog licence and the Begleithund training aim at partnership and reliability with your dog in every situation. No matter where, if at home, at a restaurant, on the road or while going for a walk.  The aim of this dog training is the sure command of the basic exercises, such as to walk on a leap, to follow through a group of people with and without leap, free following without leap, to sit while being distracted, to lie down with rest and stay down despite every kind of distraction. 

Furthermore we attach great importance to the unimpressed behaviour of the dog on the road as well as social compatibility towards every man and animal.

On this aim we give a guaranty of success of 100 %!

If you are interested and desire more information, appointments or reservations, please call one of the following telephone numbers:

Oberhavel / Berlin: 0 33 03 / 40 19 84
Muldentalkreis / Leipzig: 03 42 92 / 6 38 02
24h Hotline: 01 72 / 8 01 09 39

unsere 24h Hotline 0172 8010939

Wir möchten Sie bitten, von der Mailbox Gebrauch zu machen, da während der Ausbildung keine Telefonate angenommen werden können. Wir rufen Sie umgehend zurück.

Hundeschule Berlin / Oberhavel / Velten: 0 33 03 / 40 19 84

Hundeschule Leipzig / Leipziger Land / Lübschütz: 03 42 92 / 6 3802

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